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May I see inside the property? 

Yes, but anyone interested in entering the property must sign and return the Liability Waiver to or by mail to North East Pennsylvania Land Bank 35 Broad St. Suite 202, Pittston PA 18640. Once the Liability Waiver is received, you will be contacted to schedule an appointment to look at the property.

What are the taxes? 

Using the PIN number provided on the Properties Page, visit Elite Revenue’s Parcel Search and search using the PIN number. Using the Assessed Value provided and the corresponding municipal/school district millage rates found here, you will be able to determine estimated taxes for the property.

Are there utilities on the property?

 We believe all utilities have been disconnected.

How much should I offer for the property? 

There is no particular price requested per property. It is suggested offers be made using a combination of appraised value, assessed value, future use and general considerations to the work needed to bring the property to code. Some properties have appraised values on the Properties page. Visit visit Elite Revenue’s Parcel Search for information on the assessed value of the properties. The Authority accepts offers based on best offer and best proposed use.

How big is the lot? 

Luzerne County offers an online GIS Mapping Tool. You can search for the parcel/address and measure the lot using the measuring tool in the upper right corner. Surveys are not available for the properties.

What repairs does the structure need? 

All repairs are to be determined by purchaser and must meet the local municipal building code.

May I rent the property once I buy it? 

Please review the Acquisition and Disposition Policy for guidance (page 4).

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